Episode 1: Partnering

Podcast: BIO from the BAYOU

Episode 1: Partnering (Hosts & Guests James Zanewicz, JD, LLM, RTTP, and Patrick Reed, RTTP)

Welcome to BIO from the BAYOU, a podcast featuring stories and industry insights from experts located in and working with the bustling biotech scene of the Gulf South Region.  Instead of more traditional podcast scheduling, BIO from the BAYOU will release clusters of ~15 minute episodes around key Bio-Industry events such as BIO, JPM HealthCare Week, BioNetwork West and AUTM – so that Bio-Industry insiders have something to listen to while traveling or between meetings.

The entire Gulf Coast region is filled with expertise and excitement, and BIO from the BAYOU is here to bring you full access to our vibrant ecosystem.  Each episode originates directly from New Orleans, where people come for the science and stay for the food, festivals, and resilient culture.  The inaugural episode of BIO from the BAYOU is hosted by Patrick Reed, RTTP, of LSU Health and James Zanewicz, JD, LLM, RTTP, of Tulane University – and they also serve as guests as they interview each other and explore the world of business development and partnering!

James was recruited to launch Tulane’s unique business development efforts, and explains how his experience seeing how business development partnering worked in the corporate world motivated him to bring the practice to academia.  He began by defining the product at Tulane differently – specifically focused on offering potential partners value in an individual way that meets each specific partner’s needs.  Efforts like those at Tulane shaped how Patrick brought business development and partnering into his work at LSU Health.  Recognizing that traditional technology transfer is more of a passive function- waiting for innovation to flow from the “research funnel”- he added business development and partnering to actively operate at the top of the funnel to help grow strategic partnerships and increase the research base.  He and James discuss the “death” of traditional tech transfer (which some call more of an “evolution”), along with the rise of the broader term “knowledge transfer”.

There are many ways to connect companies and investors to university campuses, and James and Patrick offer more detail about both the progress they’ve made and the opportunities they still see to continue elevating the practice.  Patrick explains how he convinced LSU Health leadership to give him the leeway to get into business development and partnering, and James discusses the homework required to prepare for meetings with potential partners. Doing background work is key to saving companies time in order to stand out from the pack, and one specific way he does this is by holding joint meetings with Patrick!  Bringing institutions in the NOLA region together to pursue business connections is not only good for the region’s institutions (with their complementary assets) overall, but also provides a way to maximize meeting value and proposals for potential partners.

As the conversation wraps up, James and Patrick talk about the value of James initiating meetings with investors, leveraging your institution’s location and local events for connections, and the approach of creating spaces and venues for networking to happen.  Finally, Patrick and James reveal the evolution of their own signature event: BIO on the BAYOU, a biotech showcase event with the goal of elevating the academic/industry partnering game for the entire Gulf South.  Version 2.0 of the event is scheduled for fall 2022, and will rise to a new level of connectivity with more academic partners, once again providing even more value to corporate and investor attendees in one of the most amazing cities to visit in the country.


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