Episode 34: Pain Management Science and Innovation

Episode 34: Pain Management Science and Innovation (James Zadina, PhD)

In this compelling episode of BIO from the BAYOU, we explore groundbreaking developments in the field of pain management with James Zadina, PhD, a leading expert from Tulane University. Amidst the pressing opioid crisis, Zadina introduces us to “Tuleva”—a revolutionary peptide that promises to change the way we address chronic pain, sidestepping the notorious side effects associated with traditional opioids.

Hosted by Elaine Hamm, PhD, this episode doesn’t only shine a light on Tuleva’s scientific significance but also opens up discussions about the potential of collaboration in furthering this research. Zadina walks us through the intricate mechanisms of how Tuleva works and the hopeful path it paves for those suffering from chronic pain.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • The current landscape of opioid dependence and the urgent need for alternatives.
  • The science behind Tuleva and how it differs from conventional pain management methods.
  • Opportunities for the scientific and medical communities to collaborate on pain management innovations.
  • Dr. Zadina’s insights into future directions for pain management research and development.

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