Episode 35: Cleveland NeuroDesign

Episode 35: Cleveland NeuroDesign (JoJo Platt)

Are you interested in learning about neurotechnology and innovation? Then this episode is for you! Join JoJo Platt, a founder and executive faculty for the Cleveland NeuroDesign Entrepreneurs Workshop, as she breaks down the goals, agenda, and value of this intensive weekend-long course. This episode is hosted James Zanewicz, JD, LLM, RTTP, who will also be returning as faculty for the 2024 program.

If you’re passionate about neurotechnology and entrepreneurial innovation, this episode is a must-listen! Additionally, keep an eye out for details on the upcoming AI & Healthcare Design Workshop.

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Key Highlights

  • Introduction to JoJo Platt: Learn about JoJo Platt’s background and her role in founding the Cleveland NeuroDesign Entrepreneurs Workshop.
  • Workshop Overview: JoJo breaks down the goals and agenda of the Cleveland NeuroDesign Entrepreneurs Workshop, emphasizing its value for participants.
  • Expert Insights: Gain insights from both JoJo and James on the neurotechnology landscape and the role of workshops in fostering innovation.
  • Upcoming Events: Get a sneak peek at the AI & Healthcare Design Workshop, with more details coming soon.
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Resource Links:

Connect with JoJo Platt.

Check out the Cleveland NeuroDesign Entrepreneurs Workshop.

Check out the Neurodesign 2024 program sponsors Blackrock Neurotech, The Cleveland FES Center, Precision Neuroscience, Saluda Medical, and Spark Biomedical. The workshop is also supported by grant 1R13NS137719-01 from the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke.

Connect with James Zanewicz, JD, LLM, RTTP.

Learn about Tulane Medicine Business Development (NOTE: watch the events section of the website for info on AI+Healthcare Design)  — and the Tulane School of Medicine.

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